Continuing Education Classes


The classes listed below may be taken as electives in the 250 or 500 Hour Programs, or can be taken as Continuing Education Classes for those not registered in our Massage Therapist Programs. Most classes will be offered at least once each calendar year. Our Class Schedule provides dates and times for upcoming classes.

Note: We are continually adding new classes. Class descriptions can be found in the catalog. ""

List of Classes

Acupressure (a Practice in Harmony) Integrative Lymphatic Massage
Five Element Acupressure - Assesment and Application Integrative Stretching
Acupressure Chair Massage Maniken Anatomy
Acupressure for the Chakras Massage for Clients with Cancer
Acupressure for Allergies & Asthma Relief Massage for Seniors
Acupressure Dreaming Medical Massage
Acupressure for PMS Relief Medical Massage - Carpal Tunnel
Acupressure for Neck and Shoulders Medical Massage - Frozen Shoulder
Acupressure for Easing Chronic Fatigue & Fibromayalgia Medical Massage - Headaches and TMJ
Acupressure Reflexology Medical Massage - Low Back Pain
Acupressure - Tui Na Medical Massage - Sprained Ankle & Knee Issues
Adhesion & Scar Tissue Release Medical Massage - Thoracic Outlet
Advanced Palpation Anatomy Myofascial Bodywork
Anatomy - Muscles & Bones Palpation Anatomy
Aromatherapy Pathology for Massage Therapists
Asian Foot Treatments Pharmacology for Massage Therapists
Emotional Release & Bodywork Pregnancy Massage
Chair Massage Reflexology (Feet, Hands & Ears)
Deep Tissue Massage Reiki 1
Cranial Sacral Balancing 1 Reiki 2
Cranial Sacral Balancing 2 Sound Healing
Cranial Sacral Balancing - Unwinding Sports Massage - Pre and Post Event
Cupping & Moxibustion Sports Massage - Shoulder Injuries
Dynamic Deep Tissue Massage Swedish Hot Stone Massage
Functional Anatomy Touch Presence & Healing
Facilitated Stretching Thai Massage
Hot Stone Massage Thai Table Massage
Trigger Point Therapy Visualization for Massage


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