"Since enrolling in MTI I have discovered much understanding about my own injury as well as proper body mechanics. Proper body mechanics are very important for pain management and have allowed me to eliminate a great deal of my own pain in day-to-day life. I can't wait to share this with other people, and show them they don't have to live with pain."
- Chuck Daoust, MTI Davis Student

"As a teacher who has presented at many massage schools in California and around the country, I want to make special reference to the Massage Therapy Institute. I have considered this school a little ‘gem’ since my first experience as guest instructor years ago. The school has a relaxed and yet very sophisticated format for a small group of massage students. MTI Davis has very high standards in the choice of staff instructors. I have had contact with many of the graduates in my continuing education classes and have been impressed by their professional maturity and enthusiasm for their work.  I have recommended MTI to potential massage students who were very serious about their educational goals knowing that they would not be disappointed "
- G.T., LMT, Ashland, OR

" The greatest things about MTI are the teaching staff and the wide variety of classes they offer. The instructors are professionals who practice in their specialty. Their passion and expertise are inspiring. I value both the comprehensive basic training I received and the range of modalities I've been able to explore. MTI has been the perfect place to start my new career in bodywork. "
- Sarah Simmons CMT

" As the owner of a complementary/alternative health center in downtown Woodland, we feel very fortunate to have the Massage Therapy Institute in Yolo County. Amana Essentials is proud to have hired several MTI graduates over the years, and our CMT's continue to expand their training with MTI's extensive selection of continuing education courses. "
- Thomas Wendt, Licenced Acupunturist, Owner Amana Essentials

"The training I received at MTI gave me a great foundation to begin my practice as a massage therapist. After graduating from the first program at MTI, I went on to establish a very successful business. I've continued my education there and would highly recommend this program to aspiring practitioners."
- Cheryl Newbern CMT

" Over the years I have hired a number of graduates from MTI and have been impressed with the high quality of training that they have received, as well as the students understanding of what it takes to be a successful massage therapist who earns a decent income. Their skill level is very high and results in satisfied clients who become repeat clients. "
- Megan Roberts, Owner Davis Massage Center

" I highly recommend the Massage Therapy Institute of Davis, CA. I looked at schools throughout California, Oregon, and New York: but MTI's dedication to excellence is unsurpassed. The faculty are professional, personable, articulate, and highly educated, coming from a variety of prestigious backgrounds and schools. The administration is sensitive to the students' needs, is highly accessible, and works hard to assist each student in finding his or her own path. The facility is comfortable, well maintained and well stocked for the needs of each class. The courses are set up similarly to a university catalogue so that students may select courses conductive with their goals, and are designed to give a maximum of choices to working practitioners as well as full-time university students. The student body comes from a variety of backgrounds and degrees of skill in different modalities, and are the most open and giving people with whom I've matriculated. My time at MTI has been one of incredible intellectual and spiritual growth. I enjoyed my 100-hour certification program so much that i extended my education to the 500-hour program. the friends I've made will be cherished for a lifetime, and we cheer for each others professional successes. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with MTI, doing my continuing education. Thank You MTI! "
- Jessica Skropanic, MA, CMT; Managing Editor, Worldwide Spa Review Magazine

" The Oncology Massage Certification program at MTI is really a blessing to both massage therapists and to people with cancer. It is inevitable that the massage therapist encounter clients with cancer and by taking some oncology courses therapists can be confident their work will be safe for those clients. And for those of us who choose oncology massage as a profession, this program offers not just comfort and safety for clients with cancer but also ways to assist them with symptoms, treatment side-effects and the trauma of cancer. Isabel teaches intellectually and from the heart, and the greatest gift she gives is the example of how she is fully present with a client with cancer. "
- Nicki Hansen-Dix, CMT



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