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Welcome to your future as a massage therapist.

The massage therapy industry is currently experiencing incredible growth and in a relatively short time you can become a part of the profession. Whether your dream is to work in a medical office, rehabilitation center, chiropractic office, cruise ship, resort or day spa, athletic club or to start your own private practice, the education you receive at MTI will help get you there.

Our goal is to provide an excellent education in the theory, practice, and techniques of massage therapy. We will give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed and we will assist you in developing the confidence and expertise necessary to be able to apply your knowledge effectively and creatively to meet the specific needs of each of your clients. In class, we teach you to utilize your body weight, positive intention and focus as you work to ensure that giving massage will be a joyful and injury-free experience.

We have a large, highly trained, caring staff, and each instructor brings to the classroom their unique blend of technical skills, knowledge, experience, and their individual perspective, to enrich your education.

We are committed to ensuring that you become the best massage therapist possible. We do this by creating a relaxed, comfortable, and supportive environment for learning and by coaching you individually.

Our training offers you the possibility of creating your own business as a Massage Therapist, working the hours you choose while serving the well-being of others. You really can enter a profession that allows you to truly enjoy your work. Our graduates consistently express amazement that they have not only acquired new career skills, but also a deeper, more fulfilling way of relating to life, people and themselves. I regularly see the results of what this field of touch does for our students. I see them living their passion, loving their work and facilitating transformation and healing in their lives and the lives of those they touch.

Along with the MTI teaching staff, I look forward to sharing my knowledge and my enthusiasm for the future of massage, with you.

Julie Reynolds, Founder and Director

Julie Reynolds brings thirty years of experience in the healing arts to her work. She has trained as a Naturopath in Australia, and as a Nurse, and has studied a wide range of bodywork modalities, with special training in structural bodywork. She began teaching in 1986 and is owner and director of the Massage Therapy Institute.


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