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MTI offers Massage Therapist Programs, with certificates given at 250 or 500 hours. Your training may begin with the Massage Therapy Fundamentals class or an Anatomy class or any elective class with no prerequisite. This allows you several different start date options each month. This comprehensive training provides you with the skills and technique to begin working immediately as a massage therapist. We offer this class on weekdays (9am – 6pm), and on the weekends. Once you have completed your Massage Therapy Fundamentals, you can work as a Massage Therapist as long as you are in compliance with any local massage ordinance, allowing you to get a business license. Some cities may require more hours of training.

Massage Therapy Fundamentals 
This class is part of the 250 hour and 500 hour massage therapist programs.

Massage Therapy Programs If you wish to become a Massage Therapist you can take one of our programs listed below.

Enrollment in the 250 or 500 hr program must be completed (all paperwork submitted) before you attend your first class.

To work as a Massage Therapist in California
You need to have a business licence for the city you wish to work in. You may apply to work in some cities (Davis, Dixon, Winters, etc.) after you have completed the Massage Therapy Fundamentals class. Some cities require more hours to issue you with a business license (Sacramento 250 hours). We do not have state licensing in CA. You have the option to apply to CAMTC for certification if you have taken 500 hrs of approved training and passed the MBLEX exam. This credential will allow you to apply for a business license in any CA city.

To obtain a business license you must
1. Be in compliace with any city or county ordinance applying to Massage Therapy; 
2. Apply for certification through the California Massage Therapy Council ( hrs plus exam is required.) and then take CAMTC paperwork to your city or county to apply for a business license without needing to comply with city or county massage ordinances.



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