Massage Therapist - 500Hrs
Cost: $5,880

This 500hr Massage Therapist Program consists of:
  • 96-Hour Massage Therapy Fundamentals class
  • 64 hrs of any two anatomy classes offered at MTI
  • Pharmacology for Massage Therapists (6 hrs)
  • 334 hrs of elective classes (may include more anatomy classes)

To register into this program you should fill out application for admission, noting the date of the 96 hr Massage Therapy Fundamentals class, that you wish to enroll in, and if you know which anatomy class you would like to attend, note this also. You can check anatomy class dates in the class schedule. If you already know which elective classes you would like to take you can also list them, or you can register at a later date. Students are welcome to schedule a meeting with the Director to discuss and schedule the elective classes that will best meet their needs. Your enrollment agreement and all paperwork must be completed and submitted to MTI before you attend your first class.

Many of the classes in this program are offered on weekends. It is possible to complete this program in 4 months or less, and you may choose to take up to 12 months to complete all classes.

Start dates: You may begin your 500 hour program in several different ways. One place to start is with the Massage Therapy Fundamentals class. We offer this class four times a year. See current list on Massage Therapy Fundamentals page.

OR you may begin with an Anatomy class. These classes are offered approximately every 2 months. These classes have no prerequisite.

OR you may begin with any elective class that has no prerequisite required such as acupressure, cranial sacral balancing , reiki etc.

To work as a Massage Therapist in California
You must complete your training at an approved school and also obtain a business license for the city or county you will be working in.

To obtain a business license you must
1. Be in compliance with any city or county ordinance applying to Massage Therapy; 
2. Apply for certification through the California Massage Therapy Council ( and then take CAMTC paperwork to your city or county to apply for a business license without needing to comply with city or county massage ordinances. CAMTC requires 500 hours of training from an approved school plus passing the MBLEX, to issue certification.


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