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These classes may be taken as continuing education or as part of our 250- and 500-hour programs.  



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ONCOLOGY MASSAGE 3 - Understanding Trauma (40 hrs). Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon, Apr 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 (9 am - 6 pm). In this class we will be exploring how the cancer experience may lead to trauma for the central nervous system. We will look at: the physiology biochemistry and symptoms of trauma; situations in which having cancer and treatments may be perceived as “danger” for the body; useful forms of bodywork, including acupressure, to approach symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; and appropriate communication to use when interacting with a client in a state of trauma. Prerequisite: Enrollment in the certification program or significant experience in Oncology massage with consent of instructor. Must have taken Oncology Massage I and 2, Oncology Massage Clinic, and 30-40 supervised internship massage sessions (number to be determined between student and instructor) Instructor: Isabel Adkins Cost: $720 Prepay: 3-Wk $699 (plus materials fee: $25 to be paid to instructor).

CANCER BASICS - East and West Meeting ™ (24 hrs) Wed, Thu & Fri, Apr 9, 10 & 11 (9 am - 6 pm). This class is designed to give the oncology massage therapist an in depth understanding of the cancer process, from the malignant cell and how it becomes so, to the effect of the disease process on each individual organ and the body as a whole. Students will learn to: identify the body systems affected by cancer in each organ discussed, define the most likely sites of metastasis from the original tumor site, identify side effects of standard chemotherapy agents, and Identify oncologic emergencies and know the action to be taken. Prerequisite: Oncology Massage I (Oncology Massage 2 Recommended). This class is a critical thinking class and it requires focused, comfortable sitting. We provide floor chairs and if you need something more comfortable, please bring your own chair, pillow, etc. Guest Instructor: Connie Kishbaugh. Cost: $490, 3-Wk Prepay $470.

NEUROMUSCULAR THERAPY - CRANIAL DECOMPRESSION & TMJ (20 hrs) Fri (Eve), Apr 11 (6:15 pm – 10 pm), Sat & Sun, 12 & 13 (9 am - 6 pm). Learn effective techniques to normalize the soft-tissue components of structural imbalances in the cranium. Analyze cranial distortions that cause structural changes down the entire body. Look at scoliosis as an adaptation process designed by the body to maintain structural balance. Learn to unravel TMJ problems. Learn to identify + palpate all muscles affected by TMJ. This class examines soft-tissue causes of scoliotic patterns, how torsion and structural imbalances in the cranium, jaw, shoulders, pelvis and feet contribute to these patterns. Prerequisite: recommended 40 hrs of neuromuscular classes and with instructor’s permission. Instructor: Venice Sullivan Cost: $280 Prepay: 2-Wk $270, 4-Wk $260.

MASSAGE FOR SENIORS (12 hrs) Mondays, Apr 14 & 21 (9 am – 4pm). This class teaches massage techniques to help improve or maintain the state of health of older persons suffering from specific age related impairments which respond to soft tissue manipulation. These include poor blood circulation, arthritis, or joint and muscle stiffness due to Parkinson’s Disease, and paralysis due to stroke. Benefits and contraindications will be taught. Prerequisite: 100 hrs of massage training or with Instructor’s permission. Instructor: Emily Bay Cost: $180 Prepay: 2-Wk $170, 4-Wk $160.

MASSAGE THERAPY FUNDAMENTALS (100 hr) Day Class. Tue, Wed & Thu (9 am – 6:00 pm), April 15 through May 8. Instructors: Keesha Standley, Tim Holt, Brad Wathen, Emily Bay. Total Cost: $1,025.

ADHESION & SCAR TISSUE RELEASE (16 hrs) Fri & Sat, Apr 18 & 19 (9 am - 6 pm). This workshop will introduce you to adhesion and scar tissue release work. Old and new adhesions can cause long term myofascial pain and dysfunction, and postural distortion. You will learn client analysis including visual range of motion assessment. You will learn how to properly palpate and identify healthy and unhealthy fascia. You will learn how to isolate and release the adhesions and gain an understanding of how and why the body creates this dysfunctional situation. Various techniques will be used including orthopedic massage for joint work, myofascial release using cross fiber technique, neuromuscular re-education including triggerpoint-release, and facilitated stretching. Prerequisite: 100 hrs of massage training. Guest Instructor: Lily Starling Cost: $224 Prepay: 2-Wk $215, 4-Wk $205.

ANATOMY & KINESIOLOGY (50 hrs) (32 in class + 18 lab/homework) Fri, Apr 25 (9 am – 5:45 pm), Mon, Apr 28, Fri, May 2 & Mon, May 5. (9 am – 6 pm).  This class will focus on muscle and bone anatomy as it relates to movement of the human body. Freedom of musculoskeletal movement is essential for optimal health. Injury, chronic movement patterns and inactivity are just a few causes of musculoskeletal dysfunction. We will examine the primary/secondary movers of the body in activities of daily living, work and sports related movement patterns. Knowledge of insertion/origins and primary/secondary actions of muscles will aid us in the assessment of restrictions within the musculoskeletal system. Not knowing what muscles cause what movements OR where these muscles are located within the body, puts us at a disadvantage when working with clients to gain optimal movement patterns. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Steve DeHart Cost: $470 Prepay: 2-Wk $450, 4-Wk $425.

NEUROMUSCULAR THERAPY-VISCERAL MASSAGE (16 hrs) Saturday & Sunday, Apr 26 & 27 (9 am – 6 pm).  The internal organs or viscera have great impact on the function of the muscles. Trigger points can fire from muscle to muscle, muscle to organ, or organ to organ, organ to muscle. When we work on the muscles and the problems keep coming back, perhaps it is due to trigger points firing from organs to muscles. Learn how to recognize this phenomenon, and how to work the organs to relieve the spiral of dysfunction. Breaking the cycle of repeating symptoms will help them regain health and wellness. This is a Neuromuscular Therapy class. Prerequisite: Recommend 40 hrs of neuromuscular classes or with instructor’s permission. Instructor: Venice Sullivan Cost: $224 Prepay: 2-Wk $215, 4-Wk $205


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INTEGRATIVE STRETCHING FOR MASSAGE (12 hrs) Sat & Sun, May 3 & 4 (9 am - 4 pm). This class will teach a very thorough series of passive stretches for each major joint and muscle group in the body. Passive stretching makes your massage much more three dimensional! It helps to return the target muscles back to a healthy relaxed tonus after applying whatever massage therapy you practice. This class will focus on how to assess normal range of motion, how to identify the end range of the passive stretch, and how to apply stretches with perfect body mechanic for all size clients and therapist combinations. The stretches taught are from sports, physical therapy, Asian bodywork, and applied yoga. Clients love to be stretched. These techniques will make your massage more engaging and expand your toolbox. Prerequisite: 100 hrs massage therapy training. Instructor: Tim Holt Cost: $180. Prepay: 2-Wk $170, 4-Wk $160.

ACUPRESSURE-TUI NA (30 hrs) Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday, May 9, 10, 11 & 12 (9 am – 5:30 pm).  Learn the ancient art of Chinese meridian massage. This is an active style that includes moving muscles, joints, and bones. Excellent for adding to your sports massage and increasingly popular in spas. Tui Na is an adaptable style, appropriate for a full range of clients. You will learn the pathways of Chi and a variety of hand movements (sho fa) with which to work the meridians. Additionally, we will work through a full session pattern allowing ample time to get comfortable with the techniques. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Kathleen Davis. Cost: $430 Prepay: 2-Wk $410, 4-Wk $399

VISUALIZATION FOR MASSAGE: HYPNOSIS AND HYPNOTIC QIGONG FOR PHYSICAL HEALING (8 hrs) Tue, May 13 (9 am – 6 pm). This class on practical hypnosis and visualization techniques for massage therapists is designed to increase your abilities to help your clients and yourself, enhancing energy, strength, listening skills, ability to work with your client’s emotions, and generally expanding your inspiration and enjoyment as a working massage therapist. This experimental class includes visualization/energetic theory and guidelines, instruction on how to use hypnosis and guidelines for hypnostic language, guided trance journeys, skill building exercises, qigong techniques and visualizations, self care techniques and hands on practice using these techniques in the massage session. This class focuses on powerful techniques utilizing hypnosis and visualization of the body in very specific ways in order to maximize the healing potential of massage sessions. Emphasis is on traditional qigong visualization and energy techniques which mobilize static energy in the body, helping to alleviate illness, injury symptomology, emotional stress, dissolve muscle tension, break up adhesions, and more. Qigong is a ancient form of hypnotic energy which combines well with massage, Reiki, and various forms of Asian bodywork. Prerequisite: 100 hrs of massage training. Instructor: Ellen Asherah Cost: $120 Prepay: 2-Wk $115, 4-Wk $110

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE – Advanced Access (12 hrs) Wed & Thu, May 14 & 15 (9 am – 4 pm). This workshop will focus on deep tissue massage methods in the side lying position. There are many clients who are unable to lie in the prone or supine position due to chronic lumbar pain, pregnancy, respiratory problems, or chronic sinus congestion. The easy access to deeper musculature which the side lying position affords also makes this position a first choice for orthopedic massage and sports massage. Having confidence working with this position is essential for more therapeutic bodywork. We will teach proper bolstering and draping. We will teach massage techniques for the neck, shoulder, lumbar region, and the extremities. Some of these will be with oil/lotion and some will be dry techniques. Prerequisite: 100 hrs of massage training. Instructor: Tim Holt Cost: $180 Prepay: 2-Wk $170, 4-Wk $160

NEUROMUSCULAR THERAPY - PELVIS (20 hrs) Fri (Eve), May 16 (6:15 pm – 10 pm), Sat & Sun, 17 & 18 (9 am - 6 pm). An in-depth look at the pelvis and its mechanisms. Discover why it is often the center of other body pain and dysfunction. Learn the secrets of unlocking it and assist your clients to improved function. Understand the stages of Rehabilitation and how to enforce them. This is the first in a series of NMT classes that will allow you to offer very effective structural bodywork to your clients. Prerequisite: 100 hrs massage training. Instructor: Martin Steiner Cost: $280 Prepay: 2-Wk $270, 4-Wk $260.

DYNAMIC DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE (20 hrs) Mon & Tue, May 19 & 20 (9 am – 5 pm), and Wed, May 21 (9 am – 4 pm). Dynamic Deep Tissue Massage is a fluid interplay between direct pressure, movement and breath. These components are coupled with the intention of enlivening the body and reorganizing holding tendencies. This class is designed to give participants tools for working with deep levels of contact. Students develop sensitivity and perception as they learn to work with greater precision and effectiveness. There is a strong emphasis on body mechanics and appropriate technique as well as the dynamics of working more deeply with clients. Prerequisite: 100 hrs massage training Instructor: Brad Wathen Cost: $280 Prepay: 2-Wk $270, 4-Wk $260.

CUPPING & MOXIBUSTION (12 hrs). Thu & Fri, May 22 & 23 (9 am –4 pm). These two techniques are great to add to your toolkit. Cupping works to clear deep tension easily and quickly. Moxibustion is an effective way to build qi, allowing you to offer a truly nurturing session. Both are time-honored practices of traditional Chinese medicine. We will utilize lecture, demonstration, discussion, and practicum. You will learn to apply cups in a variety of techniques, remove them safely, and clean them. We will discuss appropriate uses of cups and contraindications for their use. Students will also learn about yang meridian pathways, as well as benefits and contraindications, safety procedures, and several techniques of moxibustion. Prerequisite: None Instructor: Kathleen Davis Cost: $180 Prepay: 2-Wk $170, 4-Wk $160

PREGNANCY MASSAGE (24 hrs) Sat, Sun & Mon, May 24, 25 & 26 (9 am – 6 pm). This class will prepare you for working with pregnant and postpartum women. You will learn safe, comfortable prenatal positioning, for all stages of pregnancy, technique contraindications and general Swedish modifications for expectant women. You will understand the physiological and anatomical process of pregnancy and postpartum and learn a wide variety of techniques to enhance pregnant and postpartum women’s comfort, health and enjoyment. Please bring at least 3 firm pillows (including one King if possible) to class. If you wish, you may bring a pregnant woman to work on in the middle of the day on the third day of class. Textbook recommended: Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy by Carol Osborne-Sheets. Prerequisite: 100 hrs massage training Instructor: Bridget Scadeng Cost: $330 Prepay: 2-Wk $320, 4-Wk $310.

HOT STONE MASSAGE (20 hrs) Wed & Thu, May 28 & 29 (10 am – 6 pm), and Fri, May 30 (10 am – 5 pm). Stone Massage is becoming increasingly popular in spas and resorts, as well as in private practice. It provides the deep therapeutic benefits of heat therapy. It is an excellent modality for work with injury recovery as well as offering deeper stress-relieving benefits. Stone Massage provides a rest for the therapist’s hands while delivering the full benefits of deeper massage to the client with minimal discomfort. This class will cover methods of heating, using and caring for your stones. Contraindications, benefits will be taught. Take your relaxation massage to a new level; utilize the therapeutic benefits of heat and save your hands. Please bring a large bath towel, 2 handtowels & a set of twin size sheets. Prerequisite: 100 hrs of massage training. Instructor: Lea Wildflower Cost: $280 Prepay: 2-Wk $270, 4-Wk $260.

TOUCH, PRESENCE & HEALING (16 hrs) Sat & Sun, May 31 & June 1 (9 am - 6 pm). This class teaches you to work at the cusp of structure and energy. You will learn to use the physical body as a handle for physical, emotional, and psycho-spiritual processes. This is a non-modality bound approach to energetic bodywork. We will cover the development of bodyworker to healer and the recurring psycho-spiritual themes in energetic work and their application in energy-active bodywork. This is one the possible prerequisite classes for CSB - Unwinding. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Jim Gilkeson Cost: $224. Prepay: 2-Wk $215, 4-Wk $210


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REIKI I (16 hrs) Tue & Wed, June 3 & 4 (9 am – 6 pm). This workshop will introduce students to Reiki (pronounced “Ray-Key”) and the human energy system. Reiki is a universal life energy that can be used to balance the chakras and smooth the aura. Learn about this unique energy, see how to channel and focus this energy for healing on many different levels for yourself and your clients. Receive the first level attunement allowing you to channel the Reiki energy. Explore the history and uses of Reiki in the East and West. Learn to balance the chakras using this energy. Explore the Mind-Body connections as they relate to Reiki. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Ellen Asherah Cost: $224. Prepay: 2-Wk $215, 4-Wk $205.

ACUPRESSURE FOR NECK, SHOULDER & BACK PAIN (6 hrs) Thu, Jun 5 (9 am – 4 pm). Simple point formulas to help yourself and your clients – easy to add into your regular session work. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Kathleen Davis Cost $90 Prepay: 2-Wk $85, 4-Wk $80.

ACUPRESSURE FOR EASING FIBROMYALGIA & CHRONIC FATIGUE (6 hrs) Fri, Jun 6 (9 am - 4 pm). When the whole body is tender to the touch and the whole being is exhausted how do we offer help? Learn to work powerfully while maintaining a light soothing touch. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Kathleen Davis Cost $90 Prepay: 2-Wk $85, 4-Wk $80.

PALPATION ANATOMY-Muscles and Bones (50 hrs- 32 hrs in class, 18 hrs lab/homework) Sats & Suns, June 7, 8, 14 & 15 (9 am – 6 pm). This course provides a basic knowledge of the human musculoskeletal system. Through extensive use of massage setting palpation exercises you learn to confidently "see" into the body's structure with accuracy and insight. Our exploration of common areas of muscular imbalance and adhesion help you focus your massage work for a more effective session. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Larry Munn Cost $470 Prepay: 2-Wk $450, 4-Wk $425.

MEDICAL MASSAGE- FROZEN SHOULDER (8 hrs) Mon, June 9 (9 am – 6 pm). Gain valuable anatomy knowledge of the shoulder and learn quick and effective fascial and movement techniques for clients with Frozen Shoulder and other conditions. Prerequisite: 100 hrs of massage training Instructor: Marty Morales Cost: $120 Prepay: 2-Wk $115, 4-Wk $110.

MEDICAL MASSAGE – SCIATICA AND IT BAND (8 hrs) Tue, June 10 (9 am – 6 pm). Understand the relationship between IT band and the quadriceps and hamstrings and learn to work it in different positions in order to fully access the IT band and the muscles of the pelvis in order to positively affect clients with sciatic issues. Prerequisite: 100 hrs of massage training Instructor: Marty Morales Cost: $120 Prepay: 2-Wk $115, 4-Wk $110.

MEDICAL MASSAGE – CARPAL TUNNEL (8 hrs) Wed, June 11 (9 am – 6 pm).  Anatomy of the forearm and carpal tunnel will be reviewed. Learn the application of orthopedic medical evaluation tests for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as well as technique. Prerequisite: 100 hrs of massage training Instructor: Marty Morales Cost: $120 Prepay: 2-Wk $115, 4-Wk $110

MUSCLE RELEASE TECHNIQUES (16 hrs) Thu & Fri, Jun 12 & 13 (9 am – 6 pm). Muscle Release Therapy is a simple yet highly effective and flexible modality for a massage therapist to possess and implement. Muscle Release uses resistance and relaxation and the clients‟ own active involvement in order to lengthen tissue and treat muscle tissue dysfunction. Muscle Release uses light pressure, allowing for less strain on the part of the massage therapist. This class was previously titled Muscle Energy Techniques. This is an invaluable class for the structural/medical bodyworker. Instructor: Marty Morales. Prerequisite: 100 hrs of massage therapy training. Cost: $224 Prepay: 2-Wk $215, 4-Wk $210.

REIKI 2 (16 hrs) Tue & Wed, Jun 17 & 18 (9 am – 6 pm). This workshop will continue the learning from the Reiki 1 class and will include distance healing, mental and emotional healing. We’ll have a deeper discussion of the human energy field and how it relates to disease. We’ll take a closer look at judgments and limiting beliefs and learn how to reframe them for ourselves and our clients. We will continue our exploration of sound, vibration, intent and entrainment with an expanded Reiki toning circle. Students will be attuned to two additional symbols and mantras. Please bring set of sheets and some crayons or colored markers. Prerequisite: Reiki I. Instructor: Ellen Asherah Cost: $224 Prepay: 2-Wk $215, 4-Wk $205

REFLEXOLOGY (Feet, Hands and Ears) (30 hrs) Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun, June 19, 20, 21 & 22 (9 am –5:30 pm). Reflexology uses specific touch techniques on the feet which serve as miniature maps of the whole body, allowing the corresponding organs, glands, and body parts to be affected. Reflexology has been known to improve circulation, ease pain, and increase relaxation. A complete foot reflexology sequence will be taught. Specific techniques and routines, history, terminology, assessment, benefits, and contraindications will be addressed. Reflexology complements all modalities and you will learn how to integrate this work into your practice. Hand and ear reflexology will be addressed in this very practical class – you will learn thorough sequences for the feet, hands and ears. This class is packed with solid information you can take home and use immediately. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Robin Varga Cost: $430 Prepay: 2-Wk $410, 4-Wk $399.

ADVANCED PALPATION ANATOMY – Neck and Torso (16 hrs) Mon & Tue, Jun 23 & 24 (9 am – 6 pm). We will review muscular/skeletal anatomy and concentrate on assessment (postural & range of motion) and various release techniques. This class is designed to help you become more efficient in uncovering and treating tension patterns that result in neuromuscular pain. Prerequisite: 50 hours of Anatomy. Instructor: Larry Munn Cost: $224 Prepay: 2-Wk $215, 4-Wk $205.

ADVANCED PALPATION AN ATOMY – Upper Extremity, Neck & Jaw (16 hrs) Wed & Thu, Jun 25 & 26 (9 am – 6 pm). We will review muscular/skeletal anatomy and concentrate on assessment (postural & range of motion) and various release techniques. This class is designed to help you become more efficient in uncovering and treating tension patterns that result in neuromuscular pain. Prerequisite: 50 hours of Anatomy. Instructor: Larry Munn Cost: $224 Prepay: 2-Wk $215, 4-Wk $205.

VISCERAL MOBILIZATION (24 hrs). Fri, Sat & Sun, June 27, 28 & 29 (9 am – 6 pm). This workshop integrates the embodied awareness of anatomy using grounding, movement, and touch with the cognitive awareness of specific structural anatomy that informs therapeutic approaches as applied to the abdominal organs of the Gut, the deepest parts of ourselves in evolutionary time. Learn how gently applied techniques to the organs can have far-reaching effects on the proprioceptive information carried by the nervous system to help normalize both acute and chronic conditions throughout the body. By understanding how the hands can see the anatomy, build your confidence in your ability to feel and think in three dimensions. This will develop ease and efficacy in all techniques. This class will provide anatomically specific manual mapping and palpation skills with treatment techniques for the organs, their attachments to one another, and their relations to whole body. The course includes assessment of inherent movement patterns and restrictions of mobility, combined with demonstrations of pre- and post testing to demonstrate the results of treatments. (This class cannot be taken as part of program or CE packet.) Prerequisite: 100 hrs massage training plus some Cranial Sacral training. Guest Instructor: Benjamin Katz Cost: $450 Prepay: 2-Wk: $435 4-Wk: $425


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MASSAGE THERAPY FUNDAMENTALS (Intensive) (100 hr) Day class. Mon-Fri (9 am – 6:00 pm), Tues, Jul 1 through Thurs, Jul 17 (except Jul 4). Instructors: Keesha Standley, Tim Holt, Brad Wathen, Emily Bay. Total Cost: $1,025.

ADVANCED PALPATION ANATOMY – Pelvis and Lower Extremity (16 hrs) Sat & Sun, July 12 & 13 (9 am – 6 pm). We will review muscular/skeletal anatomy and concentrate on assessment (postural & range of motion) and various release techniques. This class is designed to help you become more efficient in uncovering and treating tension patterns that result in neuromuscular pain. Prerequisite: 50 hours of Anatomy. Instructor: Larry Munn Cost: $224 Prepay: 2-Wk $215, 4-Wk $205.

SWEDISH HOT STONE MASSAGE (8 hrs) Fri, July 18 (9 am - 6 pm). Using hot stones in a full body Swedish massage takes clients to a deeply relaxed state and induces a profound level of stress release that is greater than massage alone. Using Hot Stones provides relief for the therapist’s hand, decreasing the possibility of injury. In this class, we will apply Swedish massage techniques with hot stones to give a deeply relaxing, soothing full body treatment. Therapist can use this method as a standalone one hour treatment or to warm up muscles for deeper work. Equipment, set up, safety, and proper body mechanics will be covered. Prerequisite: 100 hrs of massage training. Instructor: Lea Wildflower. Cost: $120 Prepay: 2- Wk $115, 4-Wk $110.

FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY (50 hrs: 32 hrs in class and 18 hrs lab/homework) Sat, Sun, Mon & Wed, July 19, 20, 21 & 23 (9 am - 6 pm). While good massage is largely an intuitive art, its effectiveness increases dramatically when a therapist's intuition is informed by a solid knowledge of the structure and workings of the body. Functional Anatomy is designed to give the practitioner a basic knowledge of the muscles, bones and movements of the body from a bodyworker’s perspective. Throughout the class, we will be studying the structure of the body from a functional perspective, learning not just where the muscles are, but how they produce or restrict movement, how they impact posture and movement when they're either too tight or too weak, and how one would stretch or strengthen them. In addition to watching anatomy DVDs and reading, class time is dedicated to exploring the body experientially through palpation, and movement exercises. The textbook Trail Guide to the Body by Andrew Biel is required (please purchase online before class), and students are encouraged to read the first chapter of the book prior to the first day of class. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Emily Bay. Cost: $470 Prepay: 2-Wk $450, 4-Wk $425.

FIVE-ELEMENT ACUPRESSURE-Assessment and Application (30 hrs) Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon, July 25, 26, 27 & 28 (9 am – 5:30 pm). Refine your assessment skills and expand your understanding of acupressure meridians and their ability to bring vitality, joy and health. The Five Element approach to acupressure allows you to create powerful sessions through which you can help your clients to harmonize imbalances in their health and energy. As you learn the associations of each element and how the elements interrelate, you will begin to see patterns that can help your clients understand how their choices are influencing their meridian flow and their sense of well-being. In class we will look at how color, smell, posture, voice and attitude reflect the balance of a person’s elements. We will learn 12 points that help with assessment of the meridian balance and palpate meridian pathways to sense which textures reflect the elements in stress. $11 text required (please pay instructor). Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Kathleen Davis. Cost: $430 Prepay: 2-Wk $410, 4-Wk $399.

SHIATSU FOR THE MASSAGE TABLE (24 hrs) Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri, July 29, 30, 31 & Aug 1 (9 am – 4 pm). This class will adapt the Shiatsu sequence for the body mechanics of the massage table. We will work through clothing, but Shiatsu is easy to integrate into other forms of table massage, working through the drape. Shiatsu will deepen the therapeutic value of any bodywork treatment. In this class, you will learn a 60-minute Shiatsu treatment. What you need to bring: Sheets, face cradle cover, and a pillow, note-taking materials, comfortable loose clothing. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Tim Holt Cost: $330 Prepay: 2-Wk $320, 4-Wk $310. 

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